St Austell Accountants


Sending information to government agencies – it’s called compliance, and it just has to be done.

Doesn't seem right?

... it could mean excuses later.

You have to make returns to government agencies, pension funds, other regulators.  Accounts, VAT, PAYE, CIS, corporation tax, record-keeping, all those deadlines…   We’ll help you.

Log-ins, passwords and keeping track of them all adds to your workload.  We’re specialists, use us!  We deal with many returns and understand the rules for each return.

HMRC has postponed (again) their Making Tax Digital scheme. MTD for income tax is now planned to start in April 2026, and then only for incomes over £50K to begin with.  When it does come it will be the biggest change to the UK tax system in our lifetimes, with a roadmap of further changes to the way we pay tax.