Why Choose Us

The typical family business in Cornwall comprises hard-working people who work long hours, seldom get time off, and you sometimes you wonder why you are doing it.

The reason why you continue is probably because your service or product is good, and you want your customer to have your product, not something else less good. You appreciate the freedom to take decisions and then make them happen, which often is not possible in a large organisation. Like us, you enjoy getting recognition from your customer for a good product or service.

Even where it is not a tax or accounting matter, we will help in other areas, for example:

  • You may feel pressured into paying a health and safety consultancy an expensive fee; for something like this we might help you do what is necessary (the key point is complying with certain laws) with less fuss and at no extra cost.
  • We all have computers and they often don’t do what we really want. We have quite a bit of experience here, and we can suggest alternatives which may work better.
  • Because of the size of your business, you probably have every rulebook applying to you – employment law, tax, health & safety, fire regulations, planning permissions, requirements of insurers, vehicles, and so on. So if form-filling is not your thing, it can help to chat something over.

We don’t charge extra for all these things. We look on it as part of our effort to help you and your business. Making a contribution to your business is much more rewarding than completing tax returns, and if we can help you make your business a success, this is much more satisfying. In the long term, it makes us a success too.

Some accountants only look for short-term profit – charge as much possible for as little work as possible – but they usually have a turnover of clients leaving, and are always looking for new clients. We believe however that if we concentrate on helping your business succeed, our own success will follow automatically. We have a very low client turnover.

Many business owners are very good at what they do, but less good at paperwork. Sometimes it just needs a bit of guidance or someone with a bit of experience and a fresh pair of eyes. We can’t change the way you are though – only you can do that.