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HMRC – is your pumpkin smiling?

It is near Halloween time, which now seems recognised in the UK as a festive occasion by many, including HMRC.  HMRC is using this spooky stare (see left) to publicise its reduce tax evasion and avoidance campaign. HMRC has a view on other Halloween matters … In HMRC publication TN 07/07 (Uniform application of the […]

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Squeezing blood from a stone

Are you paying 46% tax on your salary?

  Many employees don’t realise just how much tax the government collects from employees. Let’s take an employee earning about £15k.  She has used up all her personal allowance, and so is in the basic rate tax band.   For each additional £100 of gross pay, this employee sees a deduction of: £20 tax £12 […]

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Credit Search

Your Credit Rating

    HOW TO GET YOUR CREDIT RATING I used Equifax to get my own information, partly to write this post, and partly to make sure there was nothing that should not be there. Only authorised bodies that hold a licence to do credit searches are allowed to do searches on other people, and for […]

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Progress of RTI

Employers, payroll bureaux and accountants should now be conversant in submitting monthly or weekly payroll returns under HMRC’s new “Real Time Information” system.  From our point of view, it is easy enough and for HMRC it’s the obvious way to go.  The controversial issue is the deadline for online filing, in that the online return […]

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Email, spam and malware

Email is a common way of computer viruses, worms and other malware getting onto our computers.  We all use email as an essential tool, and it helps to understand how our email address gets into the hands of “spammers”. Email addresses, Forwarding and using “bcc” If a friend sends us a joke email (“have a […]

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Accountants’ qualifications

Many business people take it for granted that their accountant is properly qualified.  In fact, anyone in the UK can call themselves an accountant, and occasionally  this causes difficulty when the “accountant” doesn’t know what they’re doing, or worse, is dishonest. A regulated profession is one where it is restricted by national law to those […]

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RTI (Real Time Information) – the new PAYE system

HMRC’s new PAYE system, called “Real Time Information” (RTI) will come into effect during 2013.  Under this new system employers will have to submit online details to HMRC each payday. In the old system we have now, as an employer you pay something to HMRC each month, but HMRC doesn’t actually know how much is […]

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Construction Industry Scheme Tax Withheld By HMRC

In August 2011 we made a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for HMRC to disclose at a national level how much CIS tax had been collected on behalf of sub-contractors, but not repaid or credited to them, in the tax years 2008, 2009 and 2010. We made this request because of the […]

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Dealing with HMRC

By training and culture, HMRC staff are likely to think that every taxpayer may be hiding something. Usually a client says “I’ve got nothing to hide”, and like you, the majority of business people are straightforward and genuine, they pay their tax, and simply want to avoid any trouble with the tax office. If you […]

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