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Ewart is a chartered accountant in St Austell with 30 years' experience in the business. He values independence and enjoys meeting with people and helping them progress.

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£2,000 Employer’s NIC break for businesses

On 20th March 2013, George Osborne unveiled his controversial plans to build a stronger economy and promote growth. One of the well-received outcomes of the budget was the announcement of the £2,000 Employer’s NIC allowance which is due to take effect in April 2014.  In previous years, businesses have been given NIC holidays, but to […]

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Email, spam and malware

Email is a common way of computer viruses, worms and other malware getting onto our computers.  We all use email as an essential tool, and it helps to understand how our email address gets into the hands of “spammers”. Email addresses, Forwarding and using “bcc” If a friend sends us a joke email (“have a […]

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RTI (Real Time Information) – the new PAYE system

HMRC’s new PAYE system, called “Real Time Information” (RTI) will come into effect during 2013.  Under this new system employers will have to submit online details to HMRC each payday. In the old system we have now, as an employer you pay something to HMRC each month, but HMRC doesn’t actually know how much is […]

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